1623 / 268
Neunzehn Yahr Wartezeit Höhle 1/S -


CUCC 1996,2015 (Wookey, & Philip Balister in 2015)

Underground Description

Steeply-descending canyon, aligned 115<->295°, 3m wide with boulder floor. The Tag is in the RH wall looking into the hole (south-eastwards), above a large pointy boulder. The GPS point is ~3m above out of the canyon.

A 30m handline is needed for descent as it is steep and (in 1996 and 2015) containing a snow-slope/ridge. Belay from the pointy boulder. A C3 drops onto the snow-ridge. Progress down the side is possible, descending about 10m from where you continue on top of the snow. There is a alcove on the R, and opposite an ice waterfall comes in from above. Descending another few metres the roof comes down and the snow peters out at a slot blocked with rocks. There is a draught here (inwards on a sunny day (2015-08-09)). 4m more narrow but passable passage can be seen through the slot. It would be a trivial dig to make it big enough to prgress, but some gear would be needed as it definitely stops being T-shirt caving at that point. This is a QM worth returning to one day.

Elevation on centreline of 96Wk11

Plan on centreline of 96Wk11


25-30m handline, Long sling


Logbook 2015


1996 Sketch plan and elv in NotKH book 1999- p16
Proper survey 2015

Scanned survey notes





New Entrance

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