1623 / 254 a–c
Kindergartenhöhle 2/S/T x


CUCC 2004 Brian, Tony

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cave ID '1623-254'
cave survex path '1623/254'

Underground Description

Entrances A and B quickly unite. Phreatic passage leads downslope past a pitch (QM A) to a crossroads. Straight on is choked; right leads to a chamber and another choke, possibly passable (QM A). Left is 25m of varying-size phreatic to a T-junction. Right leads to two choked passages, both probably diggable (left QM A, right QM B) -- these draft, although the notes don't say whether the draft is in or out. Left at the T-junction leads upslope via a 2m climb to a chamber with an aven, then another chamber at the foot of an 18m surface shaft (entrance C). From this chamber a small passage leads off to the left (QM C).


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