1623 / 2012-ft-01

Underground Description

Pending cave write-up - No cave description created yet.

Scanned survey notes



A reference has been found to this cave id in a survex file in the loser repo, or in a wallet metadata in a JSON file in the drawings repo, but no Cave Description exists in expoweb (in /cave_data/)

INSTRUCTIONS: First open 'This survex file' (link above the CaveView panel) to find the date and info. Then

- (0) look in the cave number index for notes on this cave,

- (1) search in the survex file for the *ref to find a relevant wallet, e.g.2009#11 and read the notes image files

- (2) search in the Expo for that year e.g. 2009 to find a relevant logbook entry, remember that the date may have been recorded incorrectly, so check for trips i.e. logbook entries involving the same people as were listed in the survex file, and you should also check the scanned copy of the logbook (linked from each logbook entry page) just in case a vital trip was not transcribed, then
- click on 'Edit this cave' and copy the information you find in the survex file and the logbookand delete all the text in the 'Notes' section - which is the text you are reading now.

- Only two fields on this form are essential. Documentation of all the fields on 'Edit this cave' form is in handbook/survey/caveentryfields

- You will also need to create a new entrance from the 'Edit this cave' page. Ignore the existing dummy one, it will evaporate on the next full import.

- When you Submit it will create a new file in expoweb/cave_data/

- Now you can edit the entrance info: click on Edit below for the dummy entrance. and then Submit to save it (if you forget to do this, a dummy entrance will be created for your new cave description).

- Finally, you need to find a nerd to edit the file 'expoweb/cave_data/pending.txt' to remove the line
as it is no longer 'pending' but 'done. Well Done.

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