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Eiskeller 0/S -


Entrance noted CUCC 2004 Martin, Frank. Descended 2005 Olly, Mark, Dave. Descended and surveyed 2018 Paul, Natalie, Wookey.

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cave ID '1623-2004-18'
cave survex path '1623/'

Underground Description

Spacious entrance shaft lands on snow cone about 10m down, and a circular ledge of loose rocks which the snow cone does not fully cover. Walk along this ledge, around the south side of the snow cone. The rope can be rigged to 2 bolts on the south wall to continue descending the north-east slope of the snow cone. On this ledge, at the eastern uphill side, is a short section of rift that would require more rigging to explore further. The base of the snow cone sits on a floor of loose rocks which appear to overlie a vertical shaft (continuation of the entrance shaft). At the western tip of the snow cone base is a tiny gap in the snow which could possibly be explored with a safety rope. At the northern side of the snow cone base is a small chamber with an approx. 8m high aven.

[2005 description: "Spacious entrance shaft lands on snow plug about 10m down. At one side (uphill, which is probably roughly east) is a short section of rift, and a slot down one side of the snow plug, but this proved too narrow (at least with 2005 snow levels)"]


50m rope, 5 hangers and and a rope protector/deviation sling (for the bad rub near the top).

20m rope and slings were sufficient in 2005 when snow levels were much higher.


2005 logbook description


2004-18-elev.pdf and 2004-18-elev2.pdf

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