1623 /
Grabenkrieghöhle 1/S +


Originally noted, but not descended, by CUCC Duncan in 2000. Has quite a history of getting reexplored regularly as people explore it and forget to record that it doesn't go: CUCC 2000 (Duncan), 2002 (MikeTA), 2003 (Mark S), 2004 (Dave L)

Underground Description

Short pitch (~6m) from chossy naturals leads to large (~4m wide) unroofed passage. Uphill leads to rift, which is choked (corresponding to nearby choked surface rift). Downhill passes a wedged rock to a climb down onto a snowbank. Right is blind, left descends and leads to a blind pit with a too-tight continuation (looks diggable though).

Scanned survey notes



New Entrance