1998 Expo documentation index

The 1998 expo carried out explorations in a number of areas of Kaninchenhöhle and the Schneevulkanhalle area of Schwarzmooskogeleishöhle. This page provides quick links to the documentation of these finds, as well as all the reports and logbook:

> All the trips written up in the logbook are indexed in the history page.
> Passage descriptions for 1998's major finds:
---> Siberia (found in 1994, 1st pushed in 1997) pushed down to new deep point
---> Side route from Siberia found in 1997: Fuzzy Logic
---> Descent from The Overflow in Triassic Park
---> Eau Naturel off Locophobia
---> Plastic Hell and Cardboard Heaven
> 1998 Expedition info:
---> Pre-expo mission statement
---> Expedition Report 1998
---> Logbook
---> 1998 saw the innovation of an annual Suggestions File
---> 1998's sponsors

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