Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has been on expo in the following years:

ExpoLogbook mentionsSurvex trips
1982   13   3
1983   11   2
1984   4   0
1989   2   0

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Mike Thomas, (Pembroke 1979-82, Committee 1981-82)
Expedition 1982 (pushing the depths of Stellerweghöhle), 1983 (142 and Steinschlagschacht 1623/136), 1984 (Steinschlagschacht), 1989 (cave diving in Altausseer See and at various resurgences).
As well as being in CUCC and exCS, Mike joined the Northern Pennine Club. He soon took up cave diving (and therefore joined the Cave Diving Group), being at one time the only diver in the Dales with a 100% record for passing virgin sumps at the first dive (OK, so it was only 2 feet long :-). Diving took him on the NPC expeditions to Northern Spain (especially Cueva Culiembro in the Cares Gorge).
Mike still cave dives, and even caves, occasionally (in between flying a light aircraft), despite being confined to a wheelchair after a ski-touring accident.
The photo was taken at the Lost Johns' carpark on Leck Fell - note the tatty canoeing helmet, as used by many cave divers (the holes let the air out when diving).

Photo © Andy Waddington, 1989.10.14