Balkonhöhle 264 - Frozen North

Fri 01 Jul 2016

Had a good orientation session trying to spot good QMs in 264. Went up Turtlehead and looked for QM92A and concluded it probably didn't exist (it was just the p6). Then looked just to N, looked at S side of QMAp60 but v. wet this side so we picked our way around to passage on its S side and Andrew rigged down to a large ledge and then floor, no way on - a fine 40m pitch but a dissapointing end. Then checked the snow slope on far NW of Frozen North and Andrew kicked steps up snow for c. 15m then I came up and he put in a bolt and I belayed him up another 20m. Good draft and lots of moss, leaves etc but no sign of light so our hopes of escaping out of a new entrance were dashed so we headed back via Cock Aven.

93b pitch topo