2007-71 Ngauruhoe

Wed 22 Jun 2016

Got sufficient gear up the hill to go caving ish (failed to remember sunscreen my safety cord and a few other things).

Went to 2007-71 to look at pitch leads. Started with 07-02C, as it looked easier to get into than 07-01B. Pitch drops down on right, passage continues a few metres on with a couple of other holes to the pitch then ends as a tight inlet.

Olly rigged down, natural backup in main poassage, natural, bolt, bolt, deviation to get to the floor. Pitch got wider on the way down to end in a moderate sized chamber with an icy/rocky floor and a very pretty snowcone. Sadly no way on. I pushed into a tight passage, but it only went a couple of meters. Exited, confirming that 07-01B connects.

Left rigged to survey once we've calibrated the distox.

Checked 15-01B - it is too small to get in to sadly. It might be possible (but not trivial) to move the rock.