Tunnocks - Usual suspects to Trident chamber, Phreas Interruptus

Mon 09 Aug 2010

Continuing on from trip of 06/08. On way in Becka noticed final rebelay bolt on String Theory had cracks erradiating from it so I gingerly prusiked back up to replace bolt. A few smart blows with a hammer were sufficient to remove previous bolt and rock surrounding it. Becka rigged pitch (P15m) into rift near Northerly limit of lower level Tunnocks/ Usual Suspects. At base of pitch a small rift headed East but 2m ramp up West entered walking sized phreas which was interrupted after c.20m by a pitch formed by a recent capture of three separate inlets (trident chamber). While I rigged down Becka solo-surveyed. From bottom of pitch one inlet appeared to drip past past phreas continuation at N. end of chamber, at same level as entry phreas. While Becka sketched Trident chamber I prepared rig for abseil/ traverse across (2Nat). 14m rope and 2 bolts just sufficient to reach pheratic tube (20m needed). Walking sized passage left as open lead. Connected up survey on exit.