Tunnocks - Stringfellows

Fri 06 Aug 2010

Andy climbed up loose boulder slope at south end of 'stringfellows' big chamber. I followed with drill and some rigging gear. Andy bolted while I started surveying around the balcony. Surveyed maze of phreatic passages, complex area. Two good leads, one required a bolt traverse over a pot. Can see across the pot into large black space. From near side of pot managed to get a 30m data leg into unknown passage, could swear Becka and Chris had a conversation with us shouting to them (denied by Becka and Chris). Second lead is another undescended large pitch down at the end of a rift. Other passages around the balcony still need surveying, all look like phreatic tubes and small rifts, 'C' type leads. Tied survey into station '8' and stringfellows main chamber.