Surface findings

Thu 18 Jul 1996

BECKA - Date given as 07/1996 in original version so I have guess date as 18/7 - possibly just an omission from typing in logbook - check? Went looking for some '+' marked caves that Wook, JulianT & Spencer found in 1994 near summit of Hinter. Found someone elses '+' on the way. Drew it up. Eventually re-found the 2 caves we were looking for & 1 other we had forgotten about. All GPS'd. Then over the top of the hinter & down on the plateau side. Found 195 & 194 as well as a couple of un-numbered holes. Passed 76a & connected it to survey station. Surveyed between 164 & 189 using Wadders's cag for tape measure, also checked out position of B11, B8 & 80.