Puerile Humour

Wed 17 Jul 1996

Sam + Brians tales of storming horizontal passage with 5 ways on + 2 pitches... 5 go in to survey what they found + explore more. Re-rigged 2 traverse lines on the way to economise rope lengths, de-rigged The Joker; derigged pitch into "dead bat chamber" and replaced with a handline in bypass to the right.

Phil, Juliet + Lummat surveyed on from here while Gill + Chris explored left + right from main junction, mostly R to 5 way chamber. Then swapped surveying: Gill, Chris, Lummat.

Total 44 legs! Surveyed a loop. Many QMs in the loop. Chris also rigged the 2nd pitch at the end of the main way on. Still going.

Cold + near call out time so exited.

T.U. ~8hrs

[Sketch of 5 ways area included]