CUCC Expedition Handbook

Rigging Pitches in Austria

Although progress is achingly slow, there are some bits of a CUCC-specific rigging chapter for this expedition handbook. So far we have:

Rebelay photo - 32k

As this doesn't cover very much, we recommend you look at Sherry Mayo's Rigging for alpine SRT (Beta version). This is aimed at users in Australia, but is based on York and Oxford U.C.C. practices in the Picos de Europa (N.Spain), which is in many ways similar to Austria.

It is intended to add rigging guides to the descriptions for each pitch series in CUCC's major caves - these will be graphical, and based on sketch rigging guides currently in various survey and log books. Look for the rigging guide link in the descriptions. To help people add rigging guides to the cave descriptions, it is essential that rigging guides are drawn for any new rigging or rerigging each year. Ideally, this should be done by the person who did the rigging the next time he is at Base Camp (or even in the Top Camp log). It's also essential for future years to record any gear left in situ, so that we can keep the Fixed Aids list up to date.