CUCC Expo Rigging Handbook

Bolt belays - Hang Fix anchors

Once you've decided where to put your bolt, you have to actually physically place and set it. The methods used differ substantially depending on whether you are using hand bolts (spits) or drilling using Hang Fix anchors.

Hang Fix anchors

Hang Fix Bolt System - click to enlarge

Hang Fix required training

List of people trained for installing hang fix anchors

See the 2020 appraisal of anchors and options for selecting expo bolting systems.

Why we chose Hang Fix anchors in 2022

Martin Green coorindated a complete appraisal of anchors for the 2020 expo, but Covid pandemic meant that it was 2022 before it was put into practice. We discussed the issues intensely for more than three years, and did experimental tests.

Why change?


That we standardise on Raumer M8 Hang Fix anchors: M8 HANG FIX inox M8L (ØM8x78). We can change over to these through bolts for existing caves, as most of our normal hangers can be used with them, by removing the rubber O-ring and the bolt. This requires the nuts are left in situ, and that we do not have too many circlips on our hangers.

Read the complete appraisal document.

Immediate equipment retirement

We have been doing this a while now

(73k image)
Wookey using our first drill in 1990 - Click for more details

See the instructions and training - for expo bolting
See the 2020 appraisal of anchors - comparison of alternatives
See the Rigging and Bolting - handbook