CUCC Expedition Handbook - Your laptop

Setting up a machine to access Expo data


The main things you need to do to get set up are:

Operating Systems


Long-standing Expo policy is to use open tools and protocols so we can retain control of our own data over the long term. And not to require expo-goers to sign up to external services or spend money on software. So we use FOSS software. You can use other software on your own machine if it is format-compatible and exports data in the formats we want, but all the recommended software here is open source (and please don't install proprietary software on the 'expo laptop').

The list of software:

Nearly all our Austrian surveys have beeen produced using Tunnel (or were hand-drawn) but many smaller caves and some areas of SMKsystem are done with Therion because Therion does elevations and Tunnel doesn't.

Note that on a Debian/Ubuntu machine you should normally install the versions that come with the distro, not be getting things fromthe above sites

For Linux users only:

For Windows users only:

For Android phones:


You need to register a key with the expo server to get upload (i.e. read/write) access. Do this first, Without it none of git, mercurial, scp, ftp or rsync will work. You can do this entirely on your own if you have access to the expo laptop to upload and install the public key generated by your laptop.

On a Windows machine you will need to configure pageant (the putty authentication agent) to run at startup to load your key. Note that you are loading your private key, the .ppk file, into pageant and that this key never leaves your laptop.

The above gets TortoiseHg and the command-line PuTTY tools (ssd, sftp, pscp) running, but doesn't get Cygwin rsync working. You might like to try this (untested).

Full illustrated instructions:

When using Windows please, please be excessively careful when naming files and survex names and be exceptionally careful when using rsync.

The handbook has documents where it is necessary to use scp or sftp to manage large files in 'expofiles'. See Experts: Uploading files, Uploading files and Uploading GPS tracks. Only machines which have done the key-pair setup process can do scp, sftp or rsync.

Learning how to use this software

Cheat lists and quick reminders

Logins to external systems

Some expo survey stuff is tracked externally:

Complementary tools

When maintaining the HTML files in the expo handbook a link-checker is useful to report bad URLs (links to external sites go bad regularly) and to find orphaned pages with no in-links. The website has about 2,000 internal URLs in just the Tunnel wiki section alone.