5 - , Nagelsteghöhle 2/W +


New Entrance


LVHK Oberösterreich, 1972

Underground Description

A short climb (protection advisable; two hangers in situ; rope of unknown vintage present in 2002) leads to a tube. This descends at 45° to a short walk round a pool to a short greasy climb. One soon emerges in the huge main passage, floored at the lower end by vast amounts of very unpleasant mud. The sump is reached by a right turn over some fine stratified sand, but CUCC's interest lay in some holes in the roof at the top end, with the hope of a high-level continuation.

The mud eventually runs out to be replaced by more and more inclined slabs, which were very easy on the way up. The gradient steadily increases until the floor merges into the end wall, and the trickle of water enters from high up. At this point, a couple of holes in the roof have already been passed, but investigation revealed these to be beyond reasonable reach without some fairly serious bolting.

Underground Centre Line

Resurveyed by Olly Betts and Martin Sluka in 2002 but we don't have an entrance fix so the data isn't currently in the dataset.


A resurgence cave of major importance, visited by CUCC in 1976 and 2002. Krenmayr gives it 278m long, seasonally active, very roomy water cave. The associated perennial resurgence is Naglbrünndl, putting out 50-100 l/s.