8 - , Großes Loserloch 2/T +


New Entrance


Underground Description

The round 8m wide by 10m high entrance leads into an upper level, the Hauptgang, leading north then northeast to Regenhalle, a sizeable chamber apparently formed on a significant SW-NE joint. Immediately right at the start of the chamber, a boulder slope leads up into Teilungshalle, from where a wider slope drops left back into Regenhalle about halfway along. At the highest point of Teilungshalle, a SE-going passage quickly chokes with boulders, but appears to be heading directly for the end of Kleines Loserloch, perhaps 10m away.

Keeping to the right (SW) wall entering Teilungshalle, a rift leads SW. A passage left after 5m quickly ends too tight. A traverse to the left hand side bypasses a 5m shaft in the floor. 15m beyond, another lead on the left leads up into a small chamber, Kapelle. The continuing rift, Südwest-Kluft, gets narrower for c 25m until deemed impassable.

Back in Regenhalle, a narrow section along the joint between the two ways to Teilungshalle, gives access to a lower series via a sharp turn to the right, due south. This wide passage, Südwest-gang, passes under Teilungshalle, and turns SW directly under Südwest-Kluft. A narrow rift on the left parallels the main passage for some way. The main way develops into Gr. Dom, 12m wide, with a boulder slope up until the passage chokes comprehensively on a broad front, almost exactly below the cliff outside.

At the far (NE) end of Regenhalle, stright on enters a draughting boulder choke, but two ways up to the right lead into Stufengang, with a complex of little rifts and an extension NE to a low choked area.


A4 survey in Mitt. der Sektion Ausseerland 18(4), Oct. 1980, facing p 87: a plan by J Völlenkle of L.V.H.Linz, 1:250, 1972. As printed, this looks like about a 4th generation photocopy. Also includes Kat. 9